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the Slow Carb Diet (SCD) is fantastic, effective, and much easier to follow than most people think. however, what isn't easy is finding diet-compliant food on the go. I've been stuck on long car rides, and really hungry and can't just pull into a rest area and get a snack (since pretty much everything sold at convenience stores in the US is loaded with sugar and other 'white' - aka 'simple' or 'fast' - carbs). so I took matters into my own hands to create a line of bars that are compliant with the SCD, and taste great. while they taste awesome, they are dry since they have no fruit or liquid sweeteners like honey or agave. that's the only sacrifice. if you think real cocoa, vanilla, coconut, or cashew nuts taste bad, you might disagree with me, but most people think these are great, and are a god-send on the diet. we have two flavors available in whey-based and vegan, gluten-free hemp protein-based varieties.

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Learn more about our four delicious flavors - AM mocha and AM vanilla in whey or vegan versions - or place your order today!

Please be mindful that these are a food product that contains nuts, milk protein (whey) and other things you may have an allergy to, so please read the ingredients and avoid them if you have allergies to anything in them. For more on this, be sure to read our legal page.

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