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At the end of last year, I did a little round up of stats from my health and fitness tracker spreadsheet, and I thought I’d do the same again this year with the addition of some year-over-year comparison action.  You can get your copy of the spreadsheet here (feel free to adjust it to fit you needs) to help you follow the first of my 10 principles, which is “track it” (see the video on our YouTube channel).  The last column has annual totals, so I thought I’d share a few of the stats. I didn’t do all of these things every day or even every week (for instance, I had a foot injury in 2013 that kept me out of running through the first half of 2014), and not everything I did got tracked. On the plus side, I did a few things that really impacted the numbers, like cycling a lot more than the year before (both on the road and indoors – on both a recumbent and a stationary trainer with my road bike):

  • 5,130 pull ups/chin ups (a mix of the two) vs 4,878 last year (+5.2%)
  • 22,025 push ups (some with a weight vest, some with my hands on a BOSU and some at a decline) vs 19,360 (+13.8%)
  • 9,711 squats (mostly single leg for the last half of the year) vs 12,859 last year (-24.5%, going single leg cut the numbers down)
  • 10,229 (+6% over 9,649), covering 921.4 miles (+14.8% over 802.9) and burning 168,680 calories (+18.3% over 142,536)
  • 2,872 minutes of running (-42.5% from 4,991), covering 365 miles (-19.2% from 451.3) and burning 41,813 calories (-34% from 63,530), keeping in mind I was running about 4 fewer months and cycled a lot more
  • 8,982 minutes of biking (+24.7% from 7,201), covering 4,506.3 miles (+121.7% from 2,031.7) and burning 104,039 calories (+5.9% from 98,289)
In total, I recorded 22,211 minutes of cardio (-0.4% from 22,293), covering 5,792.7 miles (+69.7% from 3,413, reflecting all that cycling) and burning 316,023 calories (+2.3% from 308,994).
my body
2014 Weight & Body Fat
The chart above shows my weight (blue) and body fat percentage (orange). The colors behind the chart represent zones I’ve marked as being within, below or above my targets. Due to starting on the wrong foot due to injury, both my weight and body fat were not where I wanted them to be. While my weight did fine throughout the year, my body fat was more of a struggle to keep in the 8-10% range I aim for. Specifically, my average weight was 180.7 pounds (+1.8% from 177.5), with an average body fat of 11.5% (+1.5% from 10%). Both numbers have a downward sloping trend, with the body fat trend being more pronounced than weight. What you see happening at the end of the year is due to the juice cleanse I’m doing.  My weight has been falling off quickly, though my body fat numbers are staying elevated. I put numbers in italics because I don’t look like I’m getting fatter (seriously, it’s a 20-30% increase – you’d notice that), so I’m assuming this is more than the bioimpendence measurements my scale is making to determine my body fat are being thrown off by the high level of fluids in my body (bioimpedence is very sensitive to water in the body).  I can say that confidently rather than feeling like I’m making excuses because I get readings below 9% when I’m dehydrated, but if I take a reading the next year about 30 minutes after drinking a ton of water, it will shoot up to 12-14%, and there’s no way I’m getting 50% ‘fatter’ in a day.
The reality is that I’m on the right path, starting the year clean and detoxed thanks to the juicing, and have a few fitness-related plans in mind. I’d like to run a marathon (I booked a hotel room for Chicago as that’s my current target), but I need a few things going on in my life to play out over the next month before knowing if I can commit to the training. That means I can’t do a century ride as I normally would in the fall as it puts too much risk on my ability to do a marathon since my last century took me out of running for two to three weeks because of knee pain from the ride.  I’d also like to try to do a running streak.  A 7-day-a-week running streak won’t fit with marathon training since you have to take a rest day (or two, depending on the training plan), so I’m thinking a 5-day-a-week streak would be best.
So, that’s me. How was your 2014? If you were tracking it, follow principle 2 and go public by sharing how you did with others. How are you going to do for 2015? How will you enlighten.your.body?

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