Is It Too Much for You?

IMG_2263There are times in my marathon training when I feel like it’s too much.  My legs hurt, my body is exhausted, and I’m mentally spent.
There are times when I think about the kids and families at St. Jude and what they’re going through, and it’s too much.  My eyes well up, breathing becomes hard, and I am overcome with emotion. That happened to me this morning when watching a video of a parent of one of their patients and thinking of my son.
Then I realize, I can choose to stop running.  Or I can choose to turn that video off, or stop reading that story.  These kids and their families can’t just choose to not have cancer, whether in one of their toughest moments or not. They must fight on, and St. Jude is there to help them through it physically with medical treatment, but also emotionally and mentally with the support and atmosphere they provide.
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Thanks to the help of people like you, [tweet_dis inject=”#cancer #stjudehero”]@StJude works hard to make it not just not too much, but never too much again[/tweet_dis].
The video below is what sparked this post. If you feel too much inside when thinking about this, consider donating today to help my fundraising efforts for St. Jude as I run the 2015 Chicago Marathon as a St. Jude Hero. Make your tax deductible donation today at Every dollar helps.

Helping others will enlighten.your.body.


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