Mindfully Meditate

Mindfulness – it’s a term that’s being used a lot lately. Do you know what it means? Do you know how to do it? What about meditation – we sort of get what it is, but it may be hard to put into the clearest of terms, and many find it even harder to do than to explain.

I recently wrote a guest piece on DaiManuel.com that helps explain what both of these very important things is, and, most importantly, help you bring them into your life.  You can read the full article here and start having the mental clarity and presence you need to really enlighten.your.body.

About bryan falchuk

bryan falchuk is the founder of newbodi.es, a certified personal trainer, behavior change specialist and the best-selling author of "Do a Day". bryan coaches people on their whole health - the physical, mental and emotional combination of wellness that we need to thrive and change our lives.

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