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Shorts, Tights or Who Cares? – newblogi.es

Shorts, Tights or Who Cares?

Oncs, I was at an offsite meeting for work at an amazing resort in the Poconos. I’s never been to the area before, but it’s similar to much of the Northeast—beautiful, not-over-populated, wooded areas. That includes having some great spots to run in, including a gorgeous PGA golf course across the street from the hotel, and a paved running path around the hotel (plus some mulch paths and unpaved trails, too). Since it was a little chilly compared to the 80+ degree weather I had been running in, I packed some running tights. I have a lot of them, and I feel bad not getting a chance to make use of them given the money I’ve spent on them. It’s definitely a risk when being around coworkers, but I tend to get up and start running before others.

I should correct that last sentence to read, “…almost before others.” On both days, I saw a coworker, including our CEO, at the end of my run.

CdLsH2aXIAALHyMI decided I didn’t care. It’s more important to me that I’m running than what I’m seen running in. I don’t run for anyone else. I don’t care what I look like when I run, and I have nothing to be ashamed of.

But it got me thinking about running attire and what is considered socially acceptable for men. Women can run in boy shorts and a sports bra without being considered inappropriately dressed (they may not be comfortable in that little, but people aren’t likely to glare at them for wearing inappropriate clothes). For me, the question comes down to two articles of clothing – tights (whether pants or spandex shorts) and short shorts. By ‘short shorts’ I mean the <2″ running shorts that often have a slit on the side so you can see the in-built undies or the point where the femur meets the pelvis. Basically, it’s like wearing a short loin cloth. And, yes, I have those kinds of shorts in addition to my many tights (though I don’t wear either publicly all that often).

So here are the questions – does it matter? Should you care? Should others care? And if so, which is worse, tights or short shorts?

What better way to figure this age old debate out than by running a poll! Take a sec, and cast your vote. You don’t have to be a man to have an opinion.

Be sure to share this with friends (especially those you know who wear one of the two questionable garments!), and let’s get some insights on our culture, and perhaps a few laughs.

CW-X Endurance Generator TightsWhen I got back from my first run after getting home from the trip. I wore a pair of 7″, loose Nike running shorts. Basically as opposite to what I wore in Pennsylvania as I could get, so I guess on average I’m doing ok, right? Now let’s just see how things are at work now!

In all seriousness, we want to feel comfortable in life. That comfort needs to come from within, not from what others deem comfortable. Don’t worry about what you look like unless you don’t like how it makes you feel. Worry more about doing right by yourself and achieving for yourself. Achievement with comfort that comes from within is a key to enlighten.your.body.


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