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10 Principles

Tracking It with MyFitnessPal

I recently blogged about how I’ve made the switch to a vegan diet, or what I prefer to call Plantpowered, to borrow Rich Roll’s term.  It’s been really good so far, and far easier than I imagined.  The results definitely speak for themselves in terms of my weight, energy and just general …

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2014 By The Numbers

At the end of last year, I did a little round up of stats from my health and fitness tracker spreadsheet, and I thought I’d do the same again this year with the addition of some year-over-year comparison action.  You can get your copy of the spreadsheet here (feel free to adjust it …

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R&R – Rewards & Rejuvenation

I was recently reading an issue of Bicycling magazine (the last free issue I got for buying my Trek, alas), and it had a great piece on 7 people (5 individuals and one couple) who lost weight on their bikes that used rewards as an incentive to stay in it …

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Principle 3 – Don’t Question It

A lot of the advice I give and coaching I do is to try to get people past questioning things. I see so much energy being spent questioning diet decisions, exercise advice, etc. What people seem to miss is that they are spending huge amounts of energy making excuses and …

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On goal setting

Having overarching goals is a good idea and helps drive you. It can also be too easy to lose sight of, or start explaining away as being too hard, or too extreme.  That doesn’t mean don’t set them, but it means don’t set them alone. By ‘not alone’, I mean …

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