Nike+ SportWatch GPS Review

The build up I am a gadget guy, and also big into tracking things (heck, “Track It!” is the first of my 10 Principles), so the Nike+ SportWatch GPS was a shoe in for me to want to try out.  Not only that, but I’m totally hooked on NikeFuel and …

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Imagery-Free Image Enhancement

When I sent out my launch email, one of the recipients was an old colleague who is a communications expert.  She made a great observation – that it’s somewhat ironic that lacks any imagery in the site.  She expected to see photos of fit people, people working out, before …

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So, just for fun, I’ve decided to rename this blog to “”.  A couple of new letters and one less old one.  Plus, it’s a play on our name. I’ve registered the domain name, so you can get to our blog even faster. Enjoy and enlighten.your.body.

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Avoiding & Working Through Injury

I’m reading Bill Katovsky’s and Pete Larson’s great book, Tread Lightly, and hit something that I think is both really interesting and incredibly powerful. I am someone who has had a history of constant injury sidelining me from exercise. My story gets repeated over and over – I start making …

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The Butterfly Runner

I’ve been at home recovering from doubler hernia surgery since June 22nd.  As you can imagine, I’m not really able to work out during my recovery, and certainly can’t run.  If you have been keeping up with my Twitterstream, you’d know that I actually had to stop running a couple …

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