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Don’t Fear the Tailor

I had to wear a suit recently. It’s a suit I bought after I had started newbodi.es, and was in pretty good shape. That said, I was 15-20 pounds heavier and a couple of inches wider around the waist than I am now. That’s not to say I was big …

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Getting Juicy with It

  A new guest post I did on daimanuel.com has just gone live – you should check it out today! It’s all about juicing – with all kinds of juice cleanses, fresh pressed juice services, juice bars and Instagram feeds dedicated to juice, I figured this was a post many …

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Do A Day

If you don’t know, I’m vegan. And I haven’t been for long (since January). If you did know, then now you know even more. I’m not going to talk about why I’m vegan in this post (I did that before). Instead, I’m going to focus on how I’m vegan. OK, …

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The Big Bad Food Monster

I was reading a fantastic piece on from the June 1st issue of Fortune magazine that I learned about from The Food Babe about how Big Food (the massive food manufacturers like Kraft, Kellogg’s, General Mills, ConAgra, Nestlé, Mars, Unilever, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, etc) is (or isn’t) dealing with the shift consumers are making …

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A Juicy Week

As I shared in a recent post, I took advantage of being home from work for a couple of weeks and did a juice cleanse over the holiday season. While I shared some thoughts mid-cleanse, I thought I’d bring some more juice-inspired thoughts now that I’m done. I only craved subconsciously Funny …

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