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3 Peaks Challenge: Day 2 – Mt. Washington, NH

This is part two in my recounting of my recent participation in a charity mountain climbing event called the Three Peaks Challenge where a group of us climbed the three tallest peaks in the Northeast US in three consecutive days.  Not only was this a physical challenge due to the …

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3 Peaks Challenge: Day 1 – Mt. Mansfield, VT

For those who aren’t aware, I recently participated in a charity mountain climbing event called the The Conservation Fund, with the total currently around $15,000.  Donations are still open if you’re interested in supporting this great charity.  We felt the charity and the event were well aligned, and that became …

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If you’re not fit, you mustn’t quit

Ok, that’s a bad twist on the “If they don’t fit, you must acquit” line from the OJ Simpson murder trial, but the point is still valid. Results can take time, so you can’t walk away too quickly if you aren’t seeing what you ultimately want yet after a week …

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