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Podcast Episode 002 – Q&A: How Do I Stay Motived

what motivates you to be healthy or to workout? is it something external to you that’s fleeting, like trying to lose weight for a school reunion, wedding or beach season? this episodes talks about finding a lasting and profoundly personal motivation within you that endures to drive you to be …

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Q: How do I stick with it (Part II)

Q: How do I stick with doing what I know I should? I am pretty good about exercise, but I eat things I know I shouldn’t. I just have to make myself do it, right?A: I talked about motivation in the first part of my response to this question. You should read …

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Q: What is newbodi.es About? A: Whole Fitness.

Q: What is newbodi.es about? Are you about personal training? Life coaching? Diet ideas? Energy bars? What? A: Simple, we’re about whole fitness. OK, maybe it’s not quite that simple, or maybe that doesn’t actually explain things.  By ‘whole fitness’, I mean that we are about being healthy in every way, …

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Q: Isn’t It Good to be Pessimistic?

Q: I see all this happiness stuff you’re talking about, but isn’t pessimism ultimately better so you’re never surprised or let down? A: Not exactly.  Don’t confuse pessimism for preparedness or scenario planning. I’m part of the global operations leadership team at my company.  We have several all-day meetings a year, and …

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