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Sustainable & Maintainable?

Q:  This doesn’t all seem sustainable or maintainable in the long term. What happens when you come off the diet? Doesn’t the weight just flood back on like with every other diet? A:  Ah, the age old question for every diet. See, the thing is, you’re misusing the word ‘diet’, …

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Q: Alcohol…what is a person to do?

Q:  if you’re going to have a night drinking do you make sure it’s on Cheat Day?  Or do you do the PAGG/coffee/grapefruit/air squats stuff if you have a few drinks and it’s not Cheat Day?A: This is another great question – you guys keep giving me good stuff that is …

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Q: What protein shakes?

Q: What kind of protein shake should I use? I found one that says it’s carb-free.  Is that ok? A: Good question.  What I’ve found is that most protein shakes aren’t ok.  One thing Tim Ferriss says is to avoid artificial sweeteners like sucralose (Splenda) or aspartame (Nutrasweet), and these ‘carb …

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