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Marathon Lookback

As I write this, I’m sitting on a plane, coming home from Chicago the day after running my first marathon in this amazing city. I wasn’t sure how long I’d need to take after the race to write this since my mind is kind of spent, but also because I …

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Lessons from my 1st Interview

So I recently got to interview a very inspirational guy, Dai Manuel, for my podcast and YouTube channel. It was a great experience with some really awesome discussion – no surprise given my subject.  In addition to all the great content, I learned a ton since this was my first web-based interview, so I …

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Podcast Episode 009 – enlighten.interview: Dai Manuel

The first interview from newbodi.es, we are honored to bring you the inspirational and motivational Dai Manuel, COO of Fitness Town and one of the top health and fitness bloggers in the world. Dai has a similar story to mine with a background as an overweight teen, then changing his …

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Podcast Episode 008 – clean14

enlighten.your.body by cleaning your life of the things that you shouldn’t be putting in it. clean14 is a challenge we’ve started on facebook for people to find things they eat, drink or (worse) smoke, and take them out of their life. learn more and join the challenge at http://www.newbodi.es/clean14. this …

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Podcast Episode 002 – Q&A: How Do I Stay Motived

what motivates you to be healthy or to workout? is it something external to you that’s fleeting, like trying to lose weight for a school reunion, wedding or beach season? this episodes talks about finding a lasting and profoundly personal motivation within you that endures to drive you to be …

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newbodies on YouTube

Last night, I launched our new YouTube channel.  The goal of the channel is to share ideas, motivation, guidance, product reviews and more in a different format to this blog. While I’ve gotten a couple of videos up and have some more thoughts, I really want to be sure I’m …

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