coaching will enlighten.your.body approach to coaching is simple, straight forward, honest and powerful. we don't sugar coat things, but we also don't believe in tough love. we just talk straight and help you find your own motivation and then thrive and succeed by your own hand. the best coaching is coaching that makes itself unnecessary - that's what we aim to achieve with our four key coaching components.

1. inspire
show you that success is there for the taking, and give you powerful, relevant stories of people like you who made it.

inspire guide

2. guide
help construct your picture of success and the path you will take to get there. we will give you what you need to get to your goals, and will view them as our goals, too.

4. support
through the whole journey, is there with and for you. checking in, offering advice or new tactics, cheering you on and helping you see if your drive is fading so we can get it back. you aren't going this alone, and we will make sure you keep it up.

support empower

3. empower
pride is powerful, and pride in yourself is unrivaled. we will build your pride and sense of self value to make sure your hard work isn't for the short run. you will do this for you, and you will keep doing it for your future. we will give you the tools you need to make this happen. you can do this.

feel free to ask questions about our coaching approach and packages via our contact page, or to view pricing options, visit our coaching options page.

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