Review: Rüez Boxer Briefs

The build up

So I reviewed Rüez briefs recently, and really appreciate them when running.  I appreciate them even more when I don’t have them as it reminds me just how much the extra support enhances the enjoyment of my run.  I was curious to try their boxer brief, too, though with a bit of trepidation as I’m not generally a fan of that style of underwear as I always feel like they ride up on my legs.
What it is & how it works
I won’t go into the whole idea of Rüez, but would instead suggest you read my original review.  In a nutshell, they have a pouch (hence their name, which is pronounced like the second half of ‘kangaroos’) that you put your, um, personal stuff in via a hole you fit that stuff through.  What stuff?  Well, um…your, um…junk. Bits. Peas and carrot.  Frank and beans. OK, that’s enough of that – you get my point.
I’ll say that, for background, I’m a boxer guy when I’m not working out, so understand that whatever I’m saying here about the boxer brief vs the brief isn’t because I’m used to one of those over the other on a daily basis. I’m not used to either, and don’t normally wear those styles day-in-day-out.

My impressions
So, the boxer brief works very much the same as the brief, and fits like a boxer brief.  I didn’t find that they rode up too much or were too uncomfortable.  This goes for wearing them around, working out or running.  As I said about the briefs, the material is really comfy and stays nice and cool.

My depressions
While they were fine, I didn’t find them to do their job during a run. That’s not to say they were bad, but just not delivering on the whole point of their existence.  The reason, to me, was because the way boxer briefs fit makes the whole end up too big, and not contouring to your body like it would in a brief. As a result, things (you know, things) kept going back out of the pouch into the main part of the boxer. That’s why I say they’re fine – they’re no worse or less comfortable than another pair of sport boxer briefs, and I’d say I really enjoyed them when looking at them like that.  I just didn’t quite get the added support during runs that I expected when I decided to wear Rüez.

To buy or not to buy
So this is the only question that ever matters. To me, this is a great – and I do mean great – product for working out in a gym or doing things that don’t have the jarring of running.  That is, I’d use them for weight lifting, using cardio equipment (not a treadmill, though, for obvious reasons) or maybe playing golf, though I don’t play golf.  I would not choose them for running, playing basketball, football, etc where I would personally miss the great way the briefs really keep me supported and comfortable.
If you’re interested, you can buy Rüez online at They run pretty true to size, and have outstanding customer support. I really do love their products, and recommend them to active guys. Just get the right one for the right use, and enlighten.your.body.

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