Monthly Archives: September 2013

100 Kilometers = 110 Miles

That is a screen shot from the Google results of a question I asked.  That question is “How many miles is 100K?” 62 and change. But I already knew that since I had run a 10K this summer, and knew it was 6.2 miles, and I’m at least good enough …

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Q: What is About? A: Whole Fitness.

Q: What is about? Are you about personal training? Life coaching? Diet ideas? Energy bars? What? A: Simple, we’re about whole fitness. OK, maybe it’s not quite that simple, or maybe that doesn’t actually explain things.  By ‘whole fitness’, I mean that we are about being healthy in every way, …

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Recipe: Green Eggs

I’ve given a lot of breakfast advice over the past couple of years with a focus on getting 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking (read this Q&A post for some thoughts on the matter). This seems to be a real sticking point for people who aren’t used …

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