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Last night, I launched our new YouTube channel.  The goal of the channel is to share ideas, motivation, guidance, product reviews and more in a different format to this blog. While I’ve gotten a couple of videos up and have some more thoughts, I really want to be sure I’m posting what people want to see.  So, if you have a request, send me a message on Twitter (follow @newbodi) to let me know what you’d like me to cover.

I’m learning as I go, and am trying to be casual with this, so expect lots of mistakes and “ums”, but also expect changes and improvement.  Like anything in life, we get better as we have more practice.

I hope you enjoy the series.  Subscribe and spread the word. It’s one more tool I’m giving you to help you enlighten.your.body.

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bryan falchuk is the founder of, a certified personal trainer, behavior change specialist and the best-selling author of "Do a Day". bryan coaches people on their whole health - the physical, mental and emotional combination of wellness that we need to thrive and change our lives.

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