2013 By The Numbers

As 2013 closes up, I took a look at my tracker spreadsheet (get yours here) that I use as part of the first of my 10 principles, which is “track it” (see the video on our YouTube channel).  What I saw was pretty interesting in the last column, which sums up each row of the table – be it an exercise or some body stat.  I thought I’d share a few of the stats – keep in mind, I didn’t do all of these things every day (for instance, I only started cycling in July, and stopped in November), and not everything I did got tracked:

  • 4,878 pull ups
  • 19,360 push ups
  • 12,859 squats
  • 9,649 minutes of elliptical, covering 802.9 miles and burning 142,536 calories
  • 4,991 minutes of running, covering 451.3 miles and burning 63,530 calories
  • 7,201 minutes of biking, covering 2,031.7 miles and burning 98,289 calories
In total, I recorded 22,293 minutes of cardio, covering 3,413 miles and burning 308,994 calories.
On the body side, my average weight was 177.5 pounds, with an average body fat of 10%.  I got as low as 5.2%, but after my half marathon and the time I’ve had to take off from hard training due to my tendon issue in my foot, it’s crept up over 10% as I ended the year.  I’m at 12.2% and 186.2 pounds at the moment, and plan to have both of those numbers back to where I want them before January is over – 180 and 10%, respectively.
Since I had a few injuries in 2013, and started the year recovering from knee surgery, I’m excited to see how 2014 shapes up.
How was your 2013? If you were tracking it, follow principle 2 and go public by sharing how you did with others. How are you going to do for 2014? How will you enlighten.your.body?

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bryan falchuk is the founder of newbodi.es, a certified personal trainer, behavior change specialist and the best-selling author of "Do a Day". bryan coaches people on their whole health - the physical, mental and emotional combination of wellness that we need to thrive and change our lives.

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