I Did A Runalysis

Last fall, I went to the Spaulding National Running Center, stripped down to small running shorts that got hiked up into baggy briefs, got covered in little reflective balls, and started to run on camera. It was, um, unflattering. But also really valuable. Here’s a brief video (well below the waste, so nothing terrible to look at) of the analysis.

Getting to watch this a bit this morning, I see that I’m over-striding on the left a bit more than on the right, but could bring them both back a bit. With a half marathon a few weeks after this was shot, the video was really helpful and useful.

Interestingly, I have more lateral instability on the right. I already have one tear there (right medial meniscus, though asymptomatic) as per an MRI last May. I also have PFPS and ITBS in the right knee only. What are those? Patellar-Femerol-Pain-Syndrome (pain in the front, lower edge of the knee cap) and IT-Band-Syndrome (pain alone the tendon that goes from the hip down the outside of the knee). Clearly I need to work on right knee stability by strengthening my hip and glutes further, and I also know my cadence was too slow (160s), so I needed to work on that.

This video is from October of 2014, and since then, I’ve run that half marathon, and started marathon training. A key to that training is the mix of strength work and getting my cadence up safely into the 170s.  Both have been working really well as I no longer have ITBS or PFPS issues.

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