I’m a Hero for Real Heroes

stjheroeslogoI’m a Hero. With a capital H. No, I’m not being egotistical, this is a fact. That’s the name St. Jude gives to those who run on behalf of their charity in events like the Chicago and Boston Marathons. I’m doing Chicago this October, and as of this writing have raised nearly $4,100 for St. Jude. I’m aiming for $5,000 by race day.

So why did I choose St. Jude?

Let’s start with what they do. St. Jude treats children facing cancer. But not just the kids themselves. The hospital also involves the entire family. Why? I’ve said many times that when a child has cancer, the entire family has it.

IMG_1652And they don’t just treat, they treat at no cost. And they don’t just treat at no cost for the treatment itself, they literally do it at no cost at all – including family housing, if needed. And they don’t just treat at no cost including housing, but also even provide for the family’s food. They also do a lot of cancer research in their amazing facilities. So you have an institution striving to find a cure, providing free care to turn kids with cancer into cancer survivors while caring for their families, too. Amazing.
So why does this matter so much to me? Well, I’m human, and it’s hard for most people not to be very effected by the idea of a child suffering from any major disease or affliction. But I’m also a parent, so immediately the idea of anything happening to any child drives right into my heart as someone who loves his son more than literally anything and cannot fathom anything happening to him. I’m blessed for my reason for running for them not hitting any closer to home than that.

[tweet_box design=”box_12_at” author=” “]@StJude works on a #cure, turns kids in2 #cancer #survivors & cares 4 #families 4 #free. Amazing[/tweet_box] So I’ve chosen to take a major event that involves months of training and planning followed by a huge personal achievement and make it about so much more. I may run the marathon alone (or with 45,000 other people, but still alone), but I’m running it with so much more – the other St. Jude Heroes, the patients (past, present and future) of St. Jude, their families and this amazing greater purpose the organization stands for.

I usually end my posts with some use of the phrase “enlighten.your.body”, but here I will end with a call to consider even a small donation. It’s tax deductible, and can be done safely online with a credit card in a matter of seconds. $5 helps. $26.20 honors the distance I’ll be running. Literally any amount matters. With the last thousand I’m trying to raise after hitting my $4,000 goal, we will be paying for food for a family staying at St. Jude for 10 weeks (St. Jude provides $100 gift cards for local supermarkets for groceries for families staying in the Target House on their campus, which is for those staying for 6 or more months).

Join me and St. Jude if you can. Just visit http://heroes.stjude.org/newbodies



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