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testdayYou know that feeling when you’ve been studying for a test, and despite how well-prepared you may be, you’re still nervous because you never know what you might forget when you’re actually in the test, or what you didn’t study and have no tools to handle when the teacher throws you a curveball question?

Well, that is nothing like the feeling I have as I approach the 3 week mark until my first marathon.  Why? I’ve been training.

IMG_1406 [tweet_dis inject=”#fitness #hardwork #justdoit”]Unlike studying, the body can’t ‘forget’ its ability[/tweet_dis]. If you put in the effort, adaptations develop, and your body is able to handle the stresses you trained for. With studying, no matter how much you study, you can always forget something or not be able to access that stored info in the moments you need it most.

That doesn’t mean you may not run into issues in a race or competition – for example not managing your pacing correctly and burning out – but that goes back to training: if you train to run the race at a given pace and you follow your plan, your muscles, skeleton, heart, lungs, nerves and connective tissue will all do what they’ve been developed to do.

RunningAvatarHarpoonThat gives me great comfort and confidence that I’ll be able to do the marathon within my goal time. My training is going well, my body feels good, and I’ve built the basis to perform over the past 140+ days that I’ve been training. My quads can’t forget their level of fitness. My cardio-respiratory system can’t forget the new capacity to perform it has achieved to keep me going the distance for hours.

It’s like something I just explained to my son, who just learned how to ride a two wheeler.  I told him that, once he figured it out, he’d always know how to do it. And no one can take that away from him.

[tweet_box design=”box_12_at” author=”newbodies”]Put in the #effort, stay on #plan and have #faith in what you’ve #created[/tweet_box]

If I stick to my plan, I know my hard work and my body will be there to get me through the race. Put in the effort, stay on plan, and have faith in what you’ve created and all it can do for you. That confidence will help you enlighten.your.body.


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