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I have struggled with my weight and confidence my entire life. After growing up as ‘the fat kid’, I lost a lot of weight before I went to college thanks to an amazing man who ran the Physical Education program at my high school. He not only educated me about exercise, but changed my mind and how I related to and viewed it. He’s a modest man, and may not want his name printed here, but he knows who he is, and I would never be where I am without him – physically, professionally, mentally, etc. If you’re reading this, merci!

Over the years, excuses and weakness let much of the weight come back on, but I had an awakening, and want to help you do the same. That is a passive and irresponsible way to say it, so let me rephrase that. Excuses I made and weaknesses I had lead me to gain much of the weight back. I still worked out, so I was definitely healthier, but not where I could or should have been.

My story began as I woke up to the reality I was living – my wife is chronically ill, I had put on 45 of the 65 pounds I had originally lost, I felt miserable, and I had a 2 year old who deserved better than two parents in less than ideal health. I decided to change everything I could. That was July 1st, 2011. By my 33rd birthday that October, I had gotten to my goal weight (43 pounds down), and felt amazing. Since then, I’ve only gone further. My weight is down slightly, but my body composition has changed thanks to the tools I learned from The Four Hour Body. At the one year mark, I’ve cut my body fat in half, and, for the first time in my life, have definition in my ab muscles. I joke by saying I have these odd lumps on my stomach, and need to see a doctor. I’ve never seen these strange things before, though I had heard of them in myths and legends. Let me tell you, they’re real, and you can find them, too. They’re not as elusive as you think if you have the right tools.

I thought I felt great that October, but I can honestly say I physically feel amazing and am in the best shape of my life just a few months later. Not only that, for the first time ever, I truly feel good about myself. That’s not vanity, egotism, narcisism or superficiality. My body not only looks how I’ve always wanted it to, but it performs and functions how it always should. Feeling good about your appearance, and feeling good physically contribute to confidence and achievement more than you realize until you have those things. This is where the mind change happens as a result of the body change.

Learn more about all of the ways I can help you. That’s ultimately what we’re all here for. While I’m so thankful for the way I’ve reshaped my own life, I am even more thankful for the chance to help others do the same for themselves.


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