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Tell Whole Foods Not to Sell Veal


For those who shop at Whole Foods Markets (WFM), you might be familiar with the animal welfare ratings that they have on various meats in the butcher section which were created by the Global Animal Partnership. For those who don’t shop there are haven’t noticed the signage, they are a way of …

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newbodies Don’t Forget on Test Day

You know that feeling when you’ve been studying for a test, and despite how well-prepared you may be, you’re still nervous because you never know what you might forget when you’re actually in the test, or what you didn’t study and have no tools to handle when the teacher throws …

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It Doesn’t Matter

“It doesn’t matter how many fresh Bentley’s you have.” -Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Wyclef Jean’s 2000 song “It Doesn’t Matter“ As true today as when it was written. Seriously though, this ideahit me today while I was out for a run. I’m training for the 2015 Chicago Marathon as …

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Body Shaming Shames Us All

  Body shaming. It’s a phrase that’s being used a lot lately, with many celebrities speaking out against it. More importantly than the phrase being used a lot, the practice of it is being used all too much. And it’s not just for people who are overweight, not pretty enough, …

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The Ins & Outs of Adrenal Fatigue

You may be asking, “What is adrenal fatigue?”  Or, actually, you may be asking, “What is ‘adrenal'”? ‘Adrenal’ refers to the adrenal glands, which sit above the kidneys and are part of your body’s ability to handle stressful situations and keep you going in the face of danger – think …

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