Do A Day

If you don’t know, I’m vegan. And I haven’t been for long (since January). If you did know, then now you know even more. I’m not going to talk about why I’m vegan in this post (I did that before). Instead, I’m going to focus on how I’m vegan. OK, …

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Clean 2014


I like to give myself major, overarching goals for each year (#4 from my 10 Principles is to set goals, both near and far – this covers the ‘far’ part based upon which you set your ‘near’ goals).  My first time doing it, my goals were around the makeup of …

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What the heck is #CUYOP? Why is there a hash tag on it? CUYOP stands for Commute Under Your Own Power.  I put a hash tag because I think we should be doing it and tweeting about it to get awareness and interest up. I’ve started doing a mix of …

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