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2014 Year in Review

Wow, another year.  Where does the time go?  2015 – can you believe it? And other cliché  lines about how time flies and a year is done. Seriously, though, it’s a great time to look back on what happened, how it happened, and how it sets the stage for greatness going …

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Recipe: Bean Bourguignon

I was reading Runner’s World recently, and found a very good looking recipe in it.  Generally, I find their recipe’s too look great, but be way too high in sugar for my preference.  It’s funny – usually they have naturally sweet ingredients (like fruit), but then add more sugar, honey …

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Recipe: Kale Chips

Kale is perhaps the most talked-about, poster-child-food for healthy eating. Every serious and joke post I read about healthy eating makes some reference to kale. The thing is, it really is exceptionally healthy.  Wikipedia has a great post on kale and its nutritional value: Kale is very high in beta carotene, vitamin …

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Recipe: Cilantro Garlic Rutabaga Chips

Finding healthy ways to eat isn’t hard. Finding healthy ways to eat that still including really enjoying your food can be tougher for some people.  The recipes I provide here try to give you truly healthy eating that also tastes good.  While tasting good is key, sometimes how a food …

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Podcast Episode 008 – clean14

enlighten.your.body by cleaning your life of the things that you shouldn’t be putting in it. clean14 is a challenge we’ve started on facebook for people to find things they eat, drink or (worse) smoke, and take them out of their life. learn more and join the challenge at http://www.newbodi.es/clean14. this …

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Clean 2014


I like to give myself major, overarching goals for each year (#4 from my 10 Principles is to set goals, both near and far – this covers the ‘far’ part based upon which you set your ‘near’ goals).  My first time doing it, my goals were around the makeup of …

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