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Marathon Lookback

As I write this, I’m sitting on a plane, coming home from Chicago the day after running my first marathon in this amazing city. I wasn’t sure how long I’d need to take after the race to write this since my mind is kind of spent, but also because I …

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newbodies Don’t Forget on Test Day

You know that feeling when you’ve been studying for a test, and despite how well-prepared you may be, you’re still nervous because you never know what you might forget when you’re actually in the test, or what you didn’t study and have no tools to handle when the teacher throws …

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Form Over Function

1979's The Jerk

I have meant to write this for a while, and the impetus for doing it is a runner I’d see around my hometown occasionally.  I just saw her the other day, and that reminded me I need to write this piece. In the engineering world, the term “form follows function” …

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