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Be Smart About Pain

So I’m sitting here writing this in pain. Why am I in pain? I’m injured. Why am I injured? I’m stupid. But let me explain a bit. I’m in a bit of physical pain because my right calf popped (tore?) during a run the other day. That happened because I fell …

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I Did A Runalysis

Last fall, I went to the Spaulding National Running Center, stripped down to small running shorts that got hiked up into baggy briefs, got covered in little reflective balls, and started to run on camera. It was, um, unflattering. But also really valuable. Here’s a brief video (well below the …

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Form Over Function

1979's The Jerk

I have meant to write this for a while, and the impetus for doing it is a runner I’d see around my hometown occasionally.  I just saw her the other day, and that reminded me I need to write this piece. In the engineering world, the term “form follows function” …

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