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Q: Do You Do Life Coaching?

Q: Do you do life coaching in addition to the fitness and health coaching you do? A: That’s a great question that really deserves a deeper response than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The coaching I do isn’t the same as the coaching you’d get in high school or college if you …

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Q: Why Did You Create The trackbodi.es iOS App?

Q: Why did you create the trackbodi.es app for the iPhone? Aren’t there already lots of great workout apps? A: Great question, and one I’ve been meaning to write about for a while.  The basis of trackbodi.es is about the first principle of my 10 Principles – “track it”. ‘It” can be anything, …

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Success Needs No Apologies

Q: I didn’t totally follow your advice exactly.  I did lose X lbs this week, but I guess I messed up. A: You have it all wrong.  You didn’t mess up.  You succeeded.  You may not have followed exactly what I suggested, but you don’t have to.  There are a few lessons …

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